The Play Shop is an online store curated with engaging play toys and supplies that promote creativity, discovery, exploration, and imagination in children and adults (and soon pets) of all ages . Joy will come those who use the toys from our shop because of fun and giggles had by all. Parents who shop products here will not be wondering about fun things to do with the kids because there will be plenty to do with any one of our curated products.

Shop Spaces (or Departments)

Art Works

A family that does art together, grows together. Get your supplies and more here.

Brain Busters

Develop those young brains with inspirational problem solving. Help them think beyond today to see the big picture. Find inspirational supplies for your home here.

Cook & Taste

Food appreciation is an essential factor for the development of your kids into amazing adults. Learning how to enjoy all things food will take them far in life. Come here for the tools to encourage food play.

Create & Build

Humans have been using our hands to design and craft new things since the beginning of our existence. Keep your family grounded by helping your kids use their hands to craft gifts, toys, and other play things to bring more fun into your life.

Get Moving

Movement is good for the soul. Kids and adults need to move all limbs to have happy lives. Find supplies to get moving inside and outside the home here.

Love Share

Celebrate your passions with and for each other with items in this category.

Seek & Find

Does it seem like you are always seeking answers? Exercise that trait with your kids so you can all be stronger, better, faster in finding what you seek, especially things that are right in front of you.

Play Supplies

All the things you need to have an engaging party for kids and adults.

How It Works

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The Play Shop is curated by Yolanda Brown, Founder and CEO of Fun Spaces which promotes play for all.

Enjoy exploring the shop and don’t forget to play today!


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